9th October


About the Festival

Pack your bags, book your ticket – Prepare for fitness and fun, South American style!

Welcome to the 2016 Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival website!

Our annual Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the 4th to the 10th October. This year’s Festival includes 1 full Festival day (9th October), an Exercise Safety Certificate workshop (2nd October), and 5 Pre-festival days (4th through 8th October) of training workshops and seminars. The event is being organized in collaboration with Universal Jumps, represented by Laura Dean.

We are expecting over 1000 participants from all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the UK, and many more countries!.



Festival Venue: Goldencenter is a high tech event location, situated in a very cozy green area, just meters from International Airport Jorge Newbery. It provides a parking for more than 1.500 vehicles, and also a checkroom for shoes, purses or luggage, all free of charge. The excellent combination of services and facillities make it the perfect frame for the 2016 Kangoo Jumps Fitness Festival.

Festival Day pricing, October 9

Register early and save!
  • Register from June 1st until August 15th: $50 / 775 ARG
  • Register from August 15th until September 30th: $60 / 930 ARG
  • Register in October: $75 / 1162,5 ARG
  • Boot rental (2 Festival days): 15 € / 232,5 ARG

KJ Shoe Rental
We highly recommend that you bring your own shoes as we have a limited supply, but should you need a pair for any day during the convention and/or festival, please contact Laura Dean laura@universaljumps.com.ar to make arrangements for a rental pair.
Price: $10 per day / 155 ARG

*Important note: if you're interested to attend to the KJ PRESENTER WORKSHOP or to the KJ ANNUAL TRAINER LICENSING WORKSHOP, you cannot register through the previous links. You must contact kjtraining@kangoojumps.com, with the subject "Trainer Training for application" or "KJ Presenter for application".

Goldencenter, Parque Norte

* The Festival Program may be subject to minor changes
Schedule Event
08:00 am
Registration & Welcome
09:30 am
Opening Ceremony
Official welcome speech by the event organizers, Mika Naville and Laura Dean
09:45 am
10:00 am
Kangoo Dance
Let’s get this party started, South American style! Laura Dean, Dani Casaretto and Universal Jumps Team, Argentina
10:30 am
Kangoo Kick and Punch
The Karate Kid meets the Matrix! This class is for Martial Arts enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. Oxana Mosescu from Ukraine, takes Kangoo Kick and Punch to a new level of excitement.
11:00 am
International Choreography Contest Presentations
11:15 am
Kangoo Dance
Jose Lumbreas from Chile, will have you on your feet dancing to a beat that is Hot! Hot! Hot!
11:45 am
Kangoo Power
Push your limits! This class is the ultimate cardio challenge. Dorina Rigo, our super-conditioned Canadian Trainer, will work your body from toe to head!
12:15 pm
International Choreography Contest Presentations / Kangoo Discovery
Never has exercising been so much fun! Class features “kid friendly” activities developed specifically for use with young people, of all ages above 5 years. The perfect formula for children to have fun, getting fit, with Alejandra Leyva from Mexico.
12:30 pm
Kangoo Dance, A tribute to our friend Eduardo Costa/Brazil
Eduardo was the master of dance! The KJ Team from Brazil will teach this class to honor his memory and dedication to KJ Fitness programming.
“Edu – you will live with in our hearts forever, we will remember you always”.
01:00 pm
Break - Entertainment Show
01:45 pm
International Choreography Contest Presentations*
02:00 pm
Kangoo Boot Camp
Unleash your inner athlete! This class features a military style circuit training with special focus on sport conditioning exercise using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. Raj Donald, USA Marine Corp Veteran, will improve your overall performance for the best cross-training ever!
02:30 pm
Kangoo Dance
Are you a dance lover? Then this class is not to be missed. Enjoy the wonders of rebounding using all of your favorite dance moves and grooves with Jekaterina Makarova from Ireland
03:00 pm
International Choreography Contest Presentations*
03:15 pm
Kangoo Power
Do you love to jump the night away? Tatiana Petrica form Cyprus, blends music and moves that will keep you hopping all night long.
03:45 pm
Kangoo Kick and Punch
Discover your inner Ninja! Enjoy this explosive martial art style fitness class that combines kicks and punches with the benefits of rebounding exercise. Let off steam as never before with Raquel Caturla from Spain.
04:15 pm
International Choreography Contest Presentations*
05:00 pm
Final Class - Kangoo Power
Looking for an endorphin high?! This class features the explosive plyometric techniques specific to the Kangoo Power program, taught by our most dynamic and tireless Kangoo Power Presenter, “Sifi”, Hungary.
* International Choreography Contest

Back by popular demand! Every year the International Choreography Contest reaches a new level of excitement, and we expect nothing less this year. Pre-requisites:

  • Open to teams from 2 to 10 persons
  • Performances should not last more than 4 minutes.
  • Music must be labelled with team name and sent to torneos@universaljumps.com.ar prior to the event.
  • To acquire a copy of the competition rules and to enter your team, please send an e-mail to torneos@universaljumps.com.ar



Enjoy & share an unforgettable experience with the best KJ international presenters!



  • Are you a certified fitness instructor looking for new innovative fitness alternatives?
  • Are you interested in becoming a new member of the KJ International family?
  • Do you wish to share your enthusiasm for Kangoo Jumps programs and products with others?

If the answer is YES! You will want to take this opportunity to enter the unique world of KJ Fitness programs and products.

Whether you want to become a KJ licensed instructor for the first time, add a new program to your existing KJ license and renew your existing KJ license or upgrade your current KJ Instructor status, we have selected a broad range of training workshops to suit all your needs!

Trainer: Dani Casaretto, Argentina

Need to renew your KJ Instructor license? This 1/2 day workshop will renew all Kangoo Power Silver licenses for 2 years. Program features a practical and theoretical review of interval training, the 5 base moves of the Kangoo Power program, and movement presentation in a class environment.


  • Silver Kangoo Power license
  • Proof of current national exercise safety certification
Price: $80/ 1.240 ARG per title in addition to chosen program fee


October 8th

Head of KJ Training: Jill Boyer-Holland, USA

This workshop is for any KJ Bronze instructor wishing to renew and upgrade their license to Silver status, or any Instructor candidate wishing to acquire the necessary exercise safety certificate required to participate in the pre-Festival workshops. Course will cover the exercise continuum, how modify exercise for safe and effective execution, and basic biomechanics.


  • Prior experience with group fitness is recommended, but not required


October 2nd

Price: $80 / 1.240 ARG
Trainer: Oxana Mosescu, Ukraine

This workshop features explosive plyometric techniques in a highly motivating workout format, specifically designed to challenge the whole body by building muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance simultaneously.


  • Must show proof of current national safety certification
  • Musical experience required


October 4th & 5th

Price: $280 / 4.340 ARG
Trainer: Timea Sifter “Sifi”, Hungary

This workshop is an intensive course that focuses on the art of showmanship and media presentation. If you are interested in representing the Kangoo Jumps brand on TV and at fitness events and Festivals, this workshop is for you.


  • Must be a Kangoo Power Silver
  • Must have a letter of recommendation from an active Kangoo Jumps Distributor to attend


October 4th

Price: $149 / 2.309,5 ARG

Trainer: Jekaterina Makarova, Ireland

Kangoo Dance is a safe, effective aerobic program taught to music, for all ages and fitness levels. The program is functional and teaches participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment while preventing injury due to bio-mechanical stress. This workshop features safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic dance movement taught to music.


  • Must show proof of current national safety certification.
  • Musical experience required.


October 5th

Price: $179 / 2.774,5 ARG
Trainer: Raj Donald, USA

Kangoo Boot Camp is a military style, activity based training program for group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Intervals of running and/or drill style aerobic activity interspersed with conditioning exercises make up the base of this workout. Kangoo Boot Camp does not require the coordination skills for exercise to music and does not need any space at a gym as the classes mainly go outdoors. This workshop teaches activity based training program formats for group fitness instructors and personal trainers.


  • Must show proof of current national safety certification.


October 5th

Price: $179 / 2.774,5 ARG
Trainer: Alejandra Leyva, Mexico

Kangoo Discovery Program has been developed specifically for young people, of all ages above 5 years. Classes are designed to build coordination, endurance, good body posture, and self-image. This workshop features easy, basic programing for schools and fitness organizations that challenges the children's creativity by including fun games and exercises. The program is appropriate for fitness instructors, physical education teachers and anyone involved in sports activities for children.


  • Recommend prior experience working with children


October 6th
Price: $179 / 2.774,5 ARG
Trainer: Raquel Caturla, Spain

Kangoo Kick&Punch is a modified martial art/combat style non-contact workout that challenges the body at every level. The basic moves are very easy and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity as you progress. This course teaches safe, effective, multi-level punch and kick techniques that can be added into a variety of class formats.


  • Must show proof of current national safety certification
  • Must have a current Kangoo Jumps Fitness Program license


October 6th
Price: $179 / 2.774,5 ARG
Trainer: Timea Sifter “Sifi”, Hungary, & Head of KJ Training: Jill Boyer-Holland, USA

An intensive 2-day course intended to teach instructor training skills and method to currently licensed Kangoo Jumps Instructors interested in becoming Official Kangoo Jumps Trainers.


  • Must contact kjtraining@kangoojumps.com, Attn: Trainer Training for application prior to program registration.
  • Hold a valid Kangoo Power Instructor license for a minimum of 2 years or be fast-tracked with a letter of recommendation from an official KJ Trainer.
  • Have a letter of recommendation from home country KJ Distributor if available.
  • Communicate in English
  • Prior instructional presentation experience in other fitness programs, is recommended, but not required.


October 5th - 6th

Price: $349 / 5.409,5 ARG
IMPORTANT NOTE: The deadline for applications has been extended to August 15, 2016. Trainer candidates will be notified by August 30 of acceptance. Attendance does not guarantee KJ Trainer status.
Trainer: Timea Sifter “Sifi”, Hungary, & Head of KJ Training: Jill Boyer-Holland, USA

For licensed KJ Trainers only. Features practical and theoretical information to enhance training skills and a review of the licensing protocols. Mandatory for all attending KJ Trainers for license renewal (every 2 years).


  • Must be an active KJ Trainer


October 10th

Price: $59 / 914,5 ARG
Please note that workshop attendance does not constitute automatic licensing. Participants must successfully pass written and practical testing.


1 and 1/2-day seminar presented by KJ Head Office where we discuss KJ business evolution, branding and new trends in marketing based on successful distributor business. It features presentations from our most successful Distributors, round table discussions, and additional opportunities to enrich your international sales and networking opportunities.


  • Must be an active KJ Distributor/Dealer


October 7th& 8th
Price: Free of charge

All currently licensed KJFP Instructors are invited to attend this meeting to discuss moving forward with the Kangoo Jumps brand in 2016. Topics for discussion include how to improve client adherence and proper product branding, a review of the KJ Discovery program by Alejandra Levya, and building a successful Kangoo Club by Alberta Vallarino.


  • Must have a current Kangoo Jumps Program license or be a gym owner using KJ Fitness Programs.


October 8th
Price: 40 USD / 620 ARG
And 50% discount for Instructors 20 USD / 280 ARG


schedule Event
08:30 am
09:00 am
Registration & welcome.
Registration & welcome – Jonathan Rico & Mika Naville
09:00 am
09:15 am
Introduction speech - Mika Naville, KJHO
09:15 am
10:00 am
Kangoo Jumps 1st World Championship - Mika Naville, KJHO
Want to know more about our new exciting project that will be held in Europe at the same time as our Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival 2017? Don't miss this exclusive presentation of the project highlights before its official launch.
10:00 am
10:45 am
Kangoo Jumps world family - part 1 - Jonathan Rico, KJHO
How to work together to build a single family worldwide that fulfills the needs of all distributors and customers with coherence and professionalism. Helping the growth and recognition of the KJ brand.
10:45 am
11:00 am
Coffee break
11:00 am
11:30 am
Kangoo Jumps world family - part 2 - Jonathan Rico, KJHO
How to work together to build a single family worldwide that fulfills the needs of all distributors and customers with coherence and professionalism. Helping the growth and recognition of the KJ brand.
11:30 am
12:15 pm
After a storm comes a rainbow - How to leverage into KJ business the lesson learned from crisis – Julio Neves, Brazil
Don’t miss this 45min. presentation by Julio Neves, founder of Health Emporium, Kangoo Jumps distributor in Brazil since 2008. He will share some pitfalls he encountered during the "bonanza era” which should be avoided (pre-crisis) and presents the action plan he has used to turn things around using humbleness, creativity and execution!
12:15 pm
13:00 pm
Social media marketing strategies for a successful KJ business - Shannon Berrios, KJUS
Everyone uses social media to market their businesses, but has a hard time keeping their audience entertained. Join us while we guide you through building/ entertaining your target audience, the do’s & don’ts, and show you how we handle our social platforms.
13:00 pm
02:30 pm
Lunch time
02:30 pm
03:15 pm
The new Kangoo Jumps website - Jonathan Rico, KJHO
The time has come to completely resfresh our website as a major tool to help increase worldwide sales. Jonathan will present the project highlights, timing and main goals.
03:15 pm
04:30 pm
How to turn an instructor into a great customer – Laura Dean
Thanks to her wide experience, Laura Dean founder of Universal Jumps will guide us on how to bring the relationship with instructors to a higher level by turning them into great customers. A business opportunity you shouldn't miss!
04:30 pm
04:45 pm
Coffee break
04:45 pm
05:30 pm
History & future of Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs -Jill Boyer-Holland, KJ Head of Training
Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs were created as a major tool to boost to produce product sales. We will review the main stages of the development of the programs and protocols, and share the latest news to create a simple, friendly, and efficient quality training system that allows for expansion.
05:30 pm
06:00 pm
Seminar evaluation & day closing


schedule Event
02:00 pm
03:00 pm
How to implement and develop Kangoo Discovery in schools and gyms - Alejandra Leyva.
03:00 pm
04:00 pm
Creating a successful Kangoo Club network. - Kangoo Club Ecuador business model - Alberta Vallarino.
04:00 pm
04:30 pm
04:30 pm
05:15 pm
Branding & terms of use of the KJ trademarks - KJ Head Office.
05:15 pm
Strategies to increase customer loyalty and adherence to Kangoo Clubs - Julián Rud.



Hotels & Venue

Novotel Buenos Aires

The Novotel Buenos Aires hotel is located just two blocks from the Obelisk in the heart of the theater district. Treat yourself to leisure and well-being facilities and enjoy a personalized welcome with Novotel. The outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by a lush shady garden, provides an oasis of calm in Buenos Aires. The hotel has 129 modern rooms and eight naturally lit, spacious and fully equipped function rooms. The restaurant offers simple, modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Prices & address

Hotel Address:
Address: Av. Corrientes 1334, C1043ABN Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 11 4370-9500
Cost: 115 USD

For reservations at the Novotel, contact Daniela Perri at h6503-sl4@accor.com. Use the discount code: FESTIVALKJ2016 in your request.


Unique Hotels Conection

Cosmopolitan and multifaceted, Unique Executive Central condenses the essence of the exciting city of Buenos Aires, in an elegant, modern and comfortable setting. Enjoy its privileged location in downtown Buenos Aires, a few meters from the Obelisco and Av. Corrientes and live in the front row a stay at the pace of the shows, theater, and nightlife of the vibrant Buenos Aires. Located just a few meters from the prestigious Teatro Colon and close to Florida Street, the most important tourist pedestrian street in Bs. As. The hotel has good access to the domestic and international airports, as well as subway lines in the city. The hotel offers buffet breakfast and bright and spacious rooms. Its decoration combines design, art and modernity in all its facilities, providing a unique experience for their guests. Rooms are equipped with LCD TV, telephone, individual air conditioning/heating, bathroom with bathtub, bidet, hairdryer and amenities, digital safety box, minibar and access to high speed Internet.

Prices & address

Hotel Address:
Address: Diagonal Roque Saenz Peña 1178 - 1035, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+ 54 11 ) 4807-7008

Airport transfer service.

For reservations at Unique Hotels Conection, click here , discount code - FESTIVALKJ2016

Hotel IBIS

The Ibis Buenos Aires Obelisco is located in the heart of the city, two blocks from the Obelisk. The city's main theaters are nearby, within comfortable walking distance.

Hotel Address:
Av Corrientes 1344,
Esq. Talcahuano y Uruguay, C1043ABN,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

For reservations at Hotel Ibis, click here , discount code - FESTIVALKJ2016


  • 80 USD

Event organized by:


Please, contact us for further information.

  • How do I get from the airport to the venue hotel?
      • International Airport Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini is situated about 35 kilometers from the capital and although both sites are united by a highway, th e best option will be to hire a shuttle, it is a little more expensive, but it is worth the cost to travel safely and reach your destination quickly.
      • Minibuses Tienda León. This company operates to and from Ezeiza, and services passengers not only from Buenos Aires but also from other parts of Argentina. You can contract service at the airport when you arrive or through its own website to secure a place and time. The Minibus Tienda Leon departs every hour and takes travelers to the city center or to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery if connecting on a domestic flight. Your rate to reach the center of Buenos Aires or the city airport is around 10 euros.
      • Taxis or Limos. These can also be hired at the desks that the companies have inside the airport. You only have to indicate what place you want to go. The cost is around 26 euros to reach the city center or 30 euros for those who wish to reach the Aeroparque Airport. The drivers wait just outside the airport entrances looking for travelers. It is a convenient, fast and safe option s these companies are endorsed by the Airport. You should not need even leave the airport terminal to arrange passage.
  • Do we have to stay at the host hotel?
    • No, you do not have to, but we highly recommend as we believe it will enhance the Festival experience.
  • How early must I make my reservation at the host hotel to secure festival discount?
    • We recommend as soon as possible as space is limited.
  • Does the host hotel have a parking fee?
    • The Host hotel has a convenient parking, with a very low daily cost for festival participants.
  • Are there any shopping malls and restaurants nearby the host hotel?
    • Buenos Aires , one of the main business centers and destinations in Latin America. The hotel is located two blocks from the Obelisk , in the business and commercial district of the city, surrounded by the best cultural and tourist offer. The building housing the Galerias Pacifico , one of the main shopping centers of the city, is worth visiting for its beautiful facilities and its magnificent dome , decorated with murals by prominent Argentine painters. It is located at the intersection of Florida Street and Cordoba Avenue, a strategic location in the city. Florida 753 buenos aires http://www.galeriaspacifico.com.ar/
  • How do I register for the Festival?
    • Go to kjfestival.com select a program/programs and follow the prompts.
  • What prerequisites are needed to become an instructor at the Festival?
    • You will need a valid health and fitness certificate. ( AFAA, ACE, ACSM, etc.) or you can sign-up for the special event exercise safety course to be held on Sunday, October 2.
  • If I sign up for the workshops, does this guarantee I will become a license instructor or trainer?
    • No, licensing for any title requires successful completion of a written and practical exam.
  • May I sign up for more than one workshop at the Festival?
    • Yes, as long as the scheduled times & days do not conflict.
  • Can anyone sign up for the Trainers Training?
    • Applicants for the Trainers Training must have no less than 2 years’ experience as a Kangoo Power Silver Instructor and a letter of recommendation from home country KJ Distributor when available to apply for a trainer application. Contact kjtraining@kangoojumps.com for additional details.
  • Can anyone sign up for the Presenter Workshop?
    • No, you must be a licensed Kangoo Power Silver program instructor and have a letter of recommendation from your home country KJ distributor (if available) to attend. Contact kjtraining@kangoojumps.com for additional details.
  • Can anyone sign up for the Kick & Punch Workshop?
    • No, you must be a licensed Kangoo Jumps fitness program instructor, as this course is considered continuing education at this time and does not include a product review.
  • Can anyone sign up for the Distributor Seminar?
    • No, this program is only for active Distributors and Dealers who have a KJ distributionagreement with RDM SA.
  • Where can I see the choreography contest rules?
    • Contact Laura Dean for rules and guidelines and to sign-up a team.
  • Will I have internet access at the Festival?
    • The hotel has free high speed internet so that you may keep in touch with your family.
  • Can I rent boots during the Festival?
    • We strongly advise you to bring your own Kangoo Jumps boots. A boot rental option will be available for those who do not have personal Kangoo Jumps boots at a cost of $10 per day.
  • Can I pay for workshop fees on site?
    • We recommend advance registration for all workshops as space is limited, but we will have an on-site registration cash payment area in addition to online registration.
  • Can anyone compete in the choreography contest?
    • Yes, teams must be no less than 2 and no more than 10 people.


Contact Details

  • Universal Jumps
    Franklin D Roosevelt 5814 - Villa Urquiza
    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Phone: 011 - 4573 - 4111 / 011-15-3921-9978
    website: http://www.universaljumps.com.ar
  • Head Office: RDM S.A. - Switzerland
    2, Place de la Gare, CH-1950
    Sion - Switzerland
    Phone: +41 22 755 5715
    Fax: +41 22 755 5025
    website: KangooJumps.com

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